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Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

We are engaged in providing our clients with Tribulus Terrestris that is also known as Gokharu or Punctured vine or Calthrops and commonly found in warmer places. The Tribulus Terrestris that we offer belongs to Zygophyllaceae family. Tribulus Terrestris, supplied by us, is a prostrate herb with silky villous branches. Leaflets appressed hairy, green, oblong and flower ­yellow, solitary axillary with fruit five angled hard. Our Tribulus Terrestris has many medicinal properties too. We make Tribulus Terrestris available at economical prices.

Therapeutic Uses

  • Plant is considered as diuretic demulcent, cooling and tonic
  • The plant and its preparation are commonly used in sports drinks as a muscle builder
  • Possesses analgesic, adaptogenic and anti sclerotic properties

Minimum Order Quantity :

  • 5 kg for herbal extracts dry form
  • 25 kg in thick paste form